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We provide individualized financial planning services for clients that do not keep assets under management with our firm. In this arrangement we help clients prepare an investment strategy for them to implement on their own. We first meet with the client to understand their financial goals, objectives, needs and risk tolerance. Then we help design an investment strategy based on that information. Our advisory involves but is not limited to providing investment recommendations and developing an asset allocation and portfolio construction strategies, savings and budgeting, retirement planning, tax strategy and more. Depending on the client’s needs we will also assist the client in establishing investment accounts, choosing a broker/dealer or custodian, advise on digital asset management and protection plans, help the client select investment platforms and advise on other investment resources for the client.

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Keala Advisors offers a suite of advisory services dedicated to the investors including: Portfolio Management, Investor Due Diligence and Analysis, Investment Strategy, Financial Planning, Fund Formations, Business Strategy and Education.  Emerging Technology investments that we consult on include but are not limited to: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets, Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning, Software as A Service (SAAS), Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

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Keala Advisors’ team is comprised of experts in the fields of finance, law and technology.

Keala Advisors advises individual and institutional investors, investment groups, early stage companies, founders, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, creative artists and other individuals with non-traditional income streams and sources of wealth.

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