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Keala Advisors is a fee-only registered investment advisory firm primarily focused on the Digital Assets and Emerging Technology spaces.  Our mission is to provide our clients with sound, comprehensive and trustworthy guidance that will help them invest in transformative companies that will shape the new digital age.  

Corporate Advisory

Founders | Early Stage Companies

Receive strategic guidance to launch your company within the blockchain, digital assets or other emerging technology space, and thereafter achieve your long and short term financial goals.

Investment Advisory

Investors | Funds | Advisors

Obtain valuable research, market analysis and due diligence from an investment advisor to shape your investment strategy, manage your portfolio and guide your investment decisions.

Keala Advisors Will Show You The Way

Consultants and Advisors

Keala Advisors is a firm dedicated to working with founders, early stage companies and investors operating within the blockchain, emerging technology and digital assets space.  Our team of advisors has a diverse yet highly complimentary background and skill set specially equipped to guide our clients as they create and invest in products and services built using emerging technologies  and  focused on entering emerging markets.  

Our firm assists founders with structuring and launching new business ventures, raising capital, and executing other business growth strategies.  We assist investors with the creation of investment funds, the development of investment strategies, investment due diligence, analysis and portfolio management.

Work with an investment advisor who has years of experience in finance, business and the law.

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Please include in your message some general information about your current or future projects. We are happy to set up a free initial consultation to take a deeper dive into how we can assist you with your venture.

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    Keala Advisors offers a suite of advisory services dedicated to the investors and companies in the emerging technology space including: Portfolio Management, Investor Due Diligence, Investment Strategy, Fund Formations, Business Strategy, Corporate Finance and M&A Strategy.  Emerging Technology solutions that we consult on include but are not limited to: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets, Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning, Software as A Service (SAAS), Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.


    Investment Advisors

    M&A Advisors

    Corporate Finance Consultants

    Emerging Technology Experts

    Blockchain experts


    Keala Advisors’ team is comprised of experts in the fields of finance, law and technology.

    Keala Advisors advises individual investors, investment groups, financial advisors, entrepreneurs and early stage companies.


    Learn more here about developments in blockchain and other emerging technologies.