Investment Advisory

Portfolio Management
In addition to working with the companies issuing equity, our firm also works on the other side of the table advising both retail and institutional investors seeking opportunities within the alternative investment class. With this in mind, we focus our investment advisory practice on two specific areas. The first area of focus is on public and private placements within the emerging markets and emerging technology space. The second area of focus is within the cryptocurrency and digital assets space.

Investment opportunities that we explore within the emerging technology space include companies developing products and services in the areas of blockchain, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, internet of things and cybersecurity. We provide you with market analysis, investment specific analysis, due diligence and pertinent assessment of the regulatory landscape along with other pertinent investment advisory needed to help you arrive at your investment decisions.

Our firm works to fill a significant information and knowledge void within the cryptocurrency and digital assets space. We advise clients seeking exposure to digital assets directly or indirectly through various investment vehicles. We place safety as our top priority as we guide our clients on various types of investments, the different exchanges and funds, crypto based companies, key, custody and wallet issues.

Investment Advisory Services