The Term Keala (key-a-la) is derived from Hawaiian origins meaning "the path" or "the way"

Our History

The financial markets are rapidly evolving and so is the way people are creating and preserving wealth.   It is our belief that the approach to asset management must evolve as well.   Our firm meshes backgrounds in finance, business and law, and applies them to the asset management space.  We wanted to take a multi-layered perspective that  enables our firm to provide the most comprehensive value to our clients.  We understand business creation and growth, corporate finance and valuation, estate planning and asset protection.  As entrepreneurs ourselves, we wanted to work with other entrepreneurs.  We also wanted to apply our passion and knowledge of emerging technologies in a way that would help us be innovative and forward thinking in respect to asset management.  We then hand picked an extremely talented pool of advisory partners that will provide the best compliment of skills needed to best represent the diverse needs of our clients.   

Our Clients

Our primary clients include institutional and individual investors that want to leverage our firm’s industry knowledge and experience to guide their investment decisions within both traditional and alternative asset classes. The individual investors are mainly comprised of small business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, professional, athletes, creative artists and other individuals with non-traditional income streams and sources of wealth.

Our Approach

Our strategy is to applyOur strategy the fundamental and top-down methods of analysis mixed with reflexivity principles when advising our clients on investment opportunities.  In addition to the analysis of the specific investment, we determine all investments and allocations based upon various factors such as:  the client’s  specific objectives, financial profile, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and time horizon.  We then work to structure a comprehensive investment plan for our clients based on this information.  We primarily focus on long-term buy and hold opportunities, but will also execute short term trading strategies for asset allocation purposes, or during times in which we can take advantage of higher market volatility.  Investment vehicles that we traditionally direct investments into are public equities, exchange traded funds, bonds, private companies, investment funds and cryptocurrencies.  

In addition to the traditional markets, the alternative investments that our firm focuses on are primarily within the emerging technology space.  Within this asset class, we weight investments in a manner to achieve the desired relationship between correlation, risk and return.  The more traditional services include financial planning, wealth preservation and corporate finance.  We tap into our pool of handpicked advisory partners for any investment advisory services that fall outside the scope of our direct expertise.

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“A good hockey player plays where the puck is.  A great hockey player plays where the puck is going.”


                                                    – Wayne Gretzky